With a need to find a home for my personal studies and archaeological interests, and a means of sharing these with others, Digging With Darren is a beginning. As far as my credentials are concerned, there are really none, outside the fact that I’m a student of Scripture. I began understanding Scripture from a Hebraic perspective around 1998-99, and have been zealous for the G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob since that time.

I also teach regularly at a local Torah observant congregation, I contribute to a Messianic ministry through overseeing the publications & website, as well as contributing to some of the teaching, as well as being a volunteer for First Fruits of Zion whenever they can use my services.

I am more than happily married to a wonderful wife who loves Hashem 1, Messiah, Torah & Truth. She has been on this path in pursuit of Truth with me for the last decade and a half, and has been a constant source of encouragement and keen insight. We currently have three wonderful boys a beautiful little girl who bless us constantly, who through their curiosity, tender hearts, and constant need of shepherding teach us of our Heavenly Father’s relationship to us.

I created this blog right after I went to Israel on an archaeological dig in 2002 2 and have post off and on since. I hope that you will be able to enjoy my posts, but realize I have a 99% chance of being wrong on anything about which I write. I write, however, in order to express my observations and insights for the present moment, and these perspectives can changevery rapidly. There are many things about which I have blogged over the last half a dozen years with which my perspective has changed. I have almost removed these posts many times, but have kept them so that 1) I can remember my journey, and 2) you can possibly see it as well.

Not only are there outdated posts, but several broken links. I really apologize for this, but I just don’t have the extra hours in the day to go through each post / page and find everything that’s broken. So… please help me on this. If you click on something that interests you, and get a broken link (or content that is unexpected), please send me an email and let me know, so that I might have some kind of an idea of priority for fixing these things. Thanks in advance!

In the past I have begun writing a few books. However, I have put those on indefinite hold over the past few years due to both time constraints, and my re-learning of many biblical truths. Maybe one day… b’ezrat Hashem 3.

Hopefully this website will prove to be a resource for people searching for insights into the Scriptures. I will be attempting to share insights from a balanced, academic level, but with a heart of passion and in terms that the average person can understand. I pray you will be blessed.

For a brief overview of how I began this journey of Torah, please read my WWJW article.

If you have any suggestions as to how I can make this site better, or would like to see certain information contained on this site, please comment on any post or email me at darren *at* diggingwithdarren *dot* com.


  1. Hebrew for God. Literally, “The Name
  2. I had previously stated that my blog began in April of 2005, but that is when I switched over from Blogger to WordPress, and subsequently lost some of my previous posts, and the post dates of my old articles were changed.
  3. Hebrew for “with the help of God”

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