September 28, 2002

Depending on who you believe (the pilot or the stewardess), I am currently flying at an altitude of between 28,000 & 33,000 feet. It’s amazing how perspective affects one’s relationship to your surroundings. As I’m flying high above the clouds, I am beginning to realize how my perspective & God’s can be vastly different on the same subject. The distances that seemed so far when I viewed them from the ground, now seem ever so small. I can almost squeeze them between my fingers. The buildings that seemed to tower above the ground, now appear to hug it tightly. The mighty rivers and lakes are but broad strokes of a painter’s brush.

I am beginning to see that while something may seem huge and impossible from my perspective, it is nothing from God’s.

I also see the “bigger” picture of things from this perspective. While I can only see one facet of a forest or field, or subdivision from the ground, from the air I can see a beauty that is altogether absent from the ground. Lines, curves, colors, textures, shapes, order, symmetry, asymmetry all emerge with new beauty. This “higher” perspective is definitely more appealing than that to which I have grown accustom.

I have also become aware of my limited scope of vision by way of distance as well. Although I may not be able to see further than a few miles horizontally from the ground, I can see many more from above. And the abrupt horizon that is seen from below is only a blur from above.

If only the prophets could have seen what I see now. Surely the Psalmist was correct when he said that יהוה “rides on the clouds.”

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