So Much To Do…So Little Time…

Things I am in either the process of studying, writing about or modifying the site:

  • Finishing the conference notes from the TWSWG conference
  • Yeshua & Paul’s use of midrash in relationship to sowing & reaping
  • Paul’s concept of sanctification via proximity (1 Cor 7:14) vis-a-vis Terumos 10:3
  • Compiling the non-parable, ethical/wisdom teachings of Yeshua into a single volume
  • Continuing Pirkei Avot commentary
  • Adding ancient texts to the site
  • Combining both “parts” of the site (pure html version vs. WordPress version) in to a unified and easily searchable site (via Drupal)

And this just scratches the surface…Oy vey!

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