Site Changes

Notes about site updates, changes, etc.

Pardon the Construction

Please pardon the construction. If things look a little odd (like pages appearing and disappearing, or pages looking whacked out) for the next few days, it’s because I’m experimenting with ways to add new content in a method and structure that is suitable for my particular needs. Right now I’m attempting to add the full …

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RSS Apology

I just want to apologize to those cool people who use an RSS aggregator to access my blog. When I made the switch to WordPress at the end of August, I failed to redirect the old RSS feed to the new one. So, if you are using some type of RSS reader and this is …

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More Posts Coming

Just wanted to apologize for not posting much for quite a while. My day job has been pretty demanding these last couple of weeks. Also, I’ve been working on a commentary to Pirkei Avot, ch1m11 and it has actually taken on a life of its own. It has brought to surface a lot of tie-ins …

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