Year: 2005


For those of you who have wondered where I’ve been the last few months, it’s been a difficult road. I’ve been busy and broken. I haven’t really known what to write, and how much to divulge. My business has kept me extremely busy, and has also provided the opportunity to be broken before Hashem. Currently, …

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Judgment Has Begun

I’m not a prophet, nor do I claim to have prophetic insight. I don’t study eschatology. I don’t focus on apocalyptic literature. It’s been years since I have read the Revelation of John. However, over the last few months, especially the last few weeks, there have been more world events to trigger biblical references than …

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Islamic Christianity

In the snowball of weak-minded, politically correct, anti-Semetic actions from organizations which inaptly label themselves with adjectives such as “Christian” and “church,” the United Church of Christ has become the latest to crumble to the peer pressure of Jew-squashing rhetoric. They have recently joined the ranks of so-called “Christian” denominations such as the Presbyterian Church …

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