Personal notes of life events or musings.

Deep Breath

Hello everyone. It’s been a very long time since I wrote an actual blog post. Things have been happening so quickly in my life over the last year or two that I’ve hardly had time to come up for air. I’ve got a stack of “to do’s” a mile long and had little time to actually whittle away at that list. I thought I would try to touch base with everyone, and try to get back into writing a blog post every once in a while. So many things have changed in my life in these last few years…

Thank you!

I just wanted to publicly thank a particular family in Georgia (you know who you are!) who started contributing to Digging with Darren couple of months ago on a regular basis. It has really made a difference. Their monthly contribution has enabled me to start whittling down the books on my book list, and made …

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