Lo B’shamayim Hi

Well, after a couple of hours discussion with a friend who knows the Torah and Talmudic writings far better than I, and reexamining the Scriptures and the original Talmudic source regarding the impurity of Akhnai’s Oven, I have come to some clear understandings of things that were unclear previously regarding rabbinic teachings. I plan on sharing a full discourse on this soon, but in the meantime am planning a formal apology for even mentioning Avi ben Mordechai’s Galatians book on my site. I am continuing to research this information, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that I am going to have to refute this and other such works as being in opposition to the written Scriptures (which they claim to be upholding).

If you would like to begin doing your own homework in the meantime, read the account of Akhnai’s [clay] Oven and the argument between Eliezer ben Hyrcanus and the other rabbis. Before you do, however, re-read Vayikra/Leviticus 11:29-38 and Devarim/Deuteronomy 13. Then, make sure you read a version of the account that mentions the rulings of Eliezer and the rabbis before they delve into the argument. I think things will start becoming apparent from there. I’ll post more when I have time.


Update: A followup to this post can be found here:
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2 thoughts on “Lo B’shamayim Hi”

  1. Avi Ben Mordechai was in my town this past Sunday and I did attend his lecture. He gave a brief overview of his Galatians commentary. I can’t say I agreed with everything but most of his teaching seemed to be sound. (Of course, I did not read the book or study it deeper).

    Can you briefly explain or post a blog entry summarizing what points you find incorrect?

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