Armed & Dangerous!

Escape Vehicle

If you see this vehicle passing through your city over the next few months, beware. It is carrying a crew of six, who should be approached with caution. They should be considered armed and dangerous. They are armed with the Word of Hashem, and should be considered extremely dangerous to anyone who is smugly confident in their relationship with Hashem. Below is a photo of these desperadoes to help with identification purposes.

Boaz Michael Family

Don’t be deceived by their smiling faces, and relatively innocent appearance. Look deep into their beady, criminal eyes. These are the eyes of focused, single-minded, committed members of an international conspiracy to see people return to the Torah of Adonai, and live out their faith through love and good deeds, and are claiming that you have to “Pray just to make it through the day.” Yes, I know. It sounds like a cheap slogan they ripped off a defunct popular hip-hop artist. The next thing you know they’ll turn their prayer propaganda into an unforgettable melody like “It’s A Small World” and poison the minds of prayerless saints across the globe!

Let it be known—If you don’t want to be challenged in your relationship with the Almighty, STAY AWAY from these six Workers of Lawfulness! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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