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In Heaven As It Is On Earth?

Recently, fellow Messianic (& prolific) blogger Derek Leman posted an article highlighting what is typically known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” He details a few issues surrounding this prayer (the differences between Matthew’s record and Luke’s, the connection of disciples with the prayers of their rabbi, use of liturgy, etc.), and also introduces us to Vine …

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Faith Meets Technology: New iPhone “Confession” App

It appears there has been a “marriage in heaven” between faith and technology. The Apple iPhone has a new “Confession” app, approved by the Roman Catholic church (this would probably akin to a hechsher in Judaism). It appears that this virtual experience will allow a penitent to completely bypass the clergy. I asked a Catholic …

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Jewish Worship

I’ve owned the book Jewish Worship by Abraham Millgram for about a decade now, and cherish it as one of my most treasured discoveries. Although it is out of print, you can purchase a hard copy of it on Amazon. But I just stumbled across an online version of it that makes me soooo excited! …

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