Hizbullah’s Media Manipulation-Part 2

This is an incredible follow-up to my original post regarding Hizbullah’s ability to manipulate the media into turning the world against Israel.

It’s amazing how many cries of “Israel is a Children Killer” and such we see on these comments all over the internet. Do these people have any brains at all? This is all a setup. Hizbullah would have gladly detonated that building full of HUNDREDS of their own children if they thought the media would publish it. This is media propaganda on the part of Hizbullah and the world is falling for it. If the IAF actually did bomb that building with children in it, it’s either their own fault for not leaving after being warned, or more likely Hizbullah having forcing them to stay as a human shield. Let’s face it. Hizbullah doesn’t fight by the rules. They don’t have know the rules. Israel is fighting as fair as possible. They are being much more merciful than any other country in the world would have been. Below you will find some interesting perspectives on this bombing, particularly the time-frame discrepancies and the morbid probability that the women and children inside this shelter were already dead, another prop by Hizbullah for international sympathy. We now have a new feature film-making industry: Hezbollywood.

These articles appeared on a recent post by Lazer Brody:

Article 1
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