Colossians Commentary

This past week I was compelled to do a brief study on Paul’s letter (“epistle” if you want to use those fancy words) to the believers at Colosse. It was in response to a seeming rise in anti-Torah attacks on believers such as ourselves. Comments of being a cult and not believing in the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament) are among the list of accusations. So, with select Scriptures in Colossians (I’m not anywhere near dealing with Galatians yet) used as a whipping stick against people who actually believe the Bible to be One continuous Book, about One continuous Faith in the One True God and His One Messiah, for One People of God, I decided to put my hand to the task of putting Colossians back in context. I shared some of the basics with our fellowship this past Sabbath and intend on posting the full study here (B”H). Please pray this doesn’t end as an unfinished task.


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  1. Our Bible study group here in Nagoya, Japan would love to see your product as Colossians is our book of study just now.

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