Dear Friend…

Dear friend, there’s a story goin’ round
says you’re gonna be married soon
But you’ve been sayin’ that for years,
and there can be no wedding without a groom
You said he’s gone away to make a place for you and Him
Oh you know He’s gonna come back,
but you just don’t know when

Dear friends He is not slow in keeping His promises
As some understand slowness to be
Keep a watch out, don’t lose faith,
He said He would come for you
He’s gonna come for you, you wait and see

Dear friend, people joke, they laugh and they make fun
When you tell ’em all about the groom who’s gonna come
He’s been gone a long long time, are there any doubts to confess
Do you wonder if you’re ever gonna wear that wedding dress

(Dear Friend by Charlie Peacock)

Last night at our Torah Club study we were discussing how it is easy to get lulled into complacency regarding the return of our righteous Mashiach. Daniel (Lancaster) reminds us, via the words of the Chofetz Chaim, that we cannot afford to be nonchalant in expressing our belief in the return of Yeshua in the way we live each day of our lives. If we truly believe his pending, immanent return, we will live lives that reflect this belief. We will live with enthusiasm, excitement, joy, hope, graciousness and anticipation.

In our congregation, in the reading following the Haftarah, we have changed one word to remind us of the down-payment on the promise of Hashem that he has given us in relationship to Mashiach. It reads:

Gladden us, Adonai, our God, with Elijah the prophet, Your servant, and with the kingdom of the House of David, Your anointed, may he return speedily and cause our heart to exalt. On his throne let no stranger sit nor let others continue to inherit his honor, for by Your holy Name You swore to him that his lamp will not be extinguished forever and ever. Blessed are You, Adonai, Shield of David.

Let us continually hold on to Rambam’s expression of hope, found in the Ani Ma’amin, which says:

I believe with complete faith
In the coming of the Messiah, I believe
And even though he may tarry
Nonetheless I will wait for him
I will wait every day for him to come

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