Love and the Messianic Age Release

latma_fblockOne exciting thing about the conference was the re-release of Paul Philip Levertoff’s Love and the Messianic Age, a chasidic-orthodox insight into the message of the Gospel in relation to a chasidic frame of reference, drawing from some of the deepest of mystical texts within Judaism. It was released in hardback (a first for FFOZ) under a new publishing arm of FFOZ called Vine of David (which I will have to discuss at a later date). It is a small book, but packed with a lot of punch. Therefore, they simultaneously released a study guide (which is actually larger than the book) in which Daniel Lancaster and others break down concepts that appear within the text and try to guide the uninitiated reader into a working knowledge of the principles Levertoff uses to explain his discourse. Unless you are extremely familiar with rabbinic works (especially chasidic ones), I suggest you acquire the book and study guide as a set. Lord willing, I hope to publish a full review of the text in the days ahead.

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4 thoughts on “Love and the Messianic Age Release”

  1. I wish I had been able to secure a copy of the book and study guide while at the conference. But due to concerns of rain while riding my motorcycle back home I didn’t want to risk any damage. ;-) So, I will order them when I am able. But, I did glance through it and these are definitely published in the highest quality. And, after the session where Toby and Daniel gave us an introduction, I believe this book is of utmost importance to the Messianic movement.

  2. Bummer, David. :-( I’ll pray you’re able to grab a copy as soon as possible. It was great meeting you face-to-face at the conference. Many blessings!

  3. I just ordered my copy today with the study guide. I attempted to read a PDF file of the book last year couldnt finish it. I will definitely benefit from the study guide. I look forward to reading a review.

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