Evangelism from a Torah Perspective

This is the topic of Beth Immanuel’s Shavuot conference this year. As you can guess, it’s going to be more than the “Roman Road to Salvation” or the “Four Spiritual Laws.” Evangelizing from a Torah perspective is more than a close-your-eyes-and-duck-your-head-and-raise-your-hand-for-instant-salvation-and-eternal-fire-insurance moment. But what exactly is it, and how does it look?

I would like to hear YOUR perspective on this topic. How do you approach evangelism from a Torah perspective? How do you think it should be done? Where do you start? How much info do you give them? How do you get them to understand some simple concepts without taking them through 5 years of Torah Club? ;-)

I would like to hear from each of you on this topic. I think it’s a really important topic, and one worth discussing. Please post your comments and let’s talk about this.

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