New FFOZ Seminar Coming to Central Arkansas

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May 23 • 2:30pm • Conway, AR

Learn the words of Jesus from a Messianic Jewish perspective. “A Jewish Sermon on the Mount: Exploring the Core Teachings of Jesus from a Hebraic Perspective” introduces the Hebrew idioms, Jewish contexts, and rabbinic methods at work in Jesus’ most famous sermon. Jewish Sermon on the Mount provides a brief introduction to Matthew 5–7 using a new, Hebrew-based translation of the New Testament that allows English readers to see the Hebraisms of the Master’s teaching and the richness of the Hebrew words.

Enjoy a challenging and inspiring look at Jesus’ teachings and the transformative message of the Sermon on the Mount.

  • See Jewish parallels to Gospel texts and find out why Bible scholars believe the parallels are important for greater understanding.
  • Discover Hebrew words that are impossible to translate into English and how translators deal with these difficult words. See the words—understand the concepts they represent and expand your understanding of the Bible.
  • Hear the compelling story and see the New Testament translation of Franz Delitzsch, a nineteenth century Christian Bible-translator considered one the greatest lights of Messiah to the Jewish people.

Learn and see what was so distinctive to Jesus’ teaching in this passage that produced such a response, “the crowd was amazed at his teaching, for he was teaching them as a man of authority, and not like the soferim” (Matthew 7:28–29).

The Hebrew/English Sermon on the Mount

There will be three teachings in a course of 2.5 hours. There will be breaks and time for questions. Everyone attending will receive an extract of Matthew 5–7 from the new Hebrew/English Gospel edition scheduled for release in the fall of 2010. Attendance is free—there will be a donation box on a table for all those that desire to help with the related expense.

Jeff Croswell or Darren Huckey

Simchat Torah

Faulkner County Library

1900 Tyler Street
Conway, AR 72032

501-242-3687 (Jeff)
501-339-8151 (Darren)


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