Fulfill and Abolish

Just a quick note today regarding Yeshua’s terminology of “fulfill” and “abolish” in his Sermon on the Mount.

Although many people have commented extensively on his use of these two phrases in Matthew V.17, I’ve not read or heard anyone interpret these terms in the same manner as David Daube in his work, The New Testament and Rabbinic Judaism. It seems the popular scholarship on the subject is merely examined on the secondary level of Greek, and the Hebrew undertext is never addressed. I plan on researching this out more thoroughly based on Mr. Daube’s insights using primary sources (i.e. Talmud) to see if his interpretation holds water. If it doesn’t this may be why scholars (particularly Hebraic-thinking ones) do not use his line of reason. If it does, this may re-open fresh insights into this area of studying the words of our Messiah.

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