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Cup of Redemption Haggadah

I really didn’t think I was going to offer a printed version of my Haggadah, The Cup of Redemption, this year. However, over the last few weeks I’ve had several people tell me that they really enjoyed it and wanted to continue using it for their primary haggadah, but needed more copies. So… I thought I would go ahead & make it available, as well remind you of the other resources I have available for Passover.

First, The Cup of Redemption, is my own haggadah that I’ve compiled (and edited, and revised, and fixed, and edited and revised, fixed, etc.) for the last several years. One reason that I didn’t consider making it available this year was that I didn’t feel it had anything original to offer. From my perspective it is simply a condensed version of the traditional haggadah with some Messianic insertions. However, I’m finding that people have enjoyed it because it is pretty spelled out in pretty clear terms, and contains all of the basic elements of a traditional seder, along with the added allusions to the Passion of Yeshua. I hope you enjoy it as well as our family and others have. One day I hope to have it fully illustrated, but until then…

Here are some of its features:

  • Full color cover and back
  • Spiral coil (not comb) binding, so that it lays flat on the table when open
  • 52 Pages of text on 70# paper
  • English, Hebrew & Transliteration for key blessings
  • Easy-to-read typesetting & layout
  • Messianic Introduction / Invitation
  • Bedikat Chametz ceremony (burning of the leaven)
  • Messianic insights & commentary to the Passover
  • Step-by-step instructions for the Passover Seder
  • Song suggestions
  • Visual Seder Plate explanation
  • Notes section in the back


Praise for the Cup of Redemption Haggadah

…such an excellent Haggadah. It’s accessible to the first-timer, while including all the elements that people who have come to know and love the Seder expect. Easily digestible, and at the same time quite filling! Thank you for producing a resource that’s proving to be my go-to guide year after year. -RB


I’ve tried many Haggadot over the years, but I find myself coming back to Darren’s Cup of Redemption time and again.  Anyone who’s felt the frustration of holding a booklet open with one hand while scooping maror onto matzah with the other, will agree that the spiral binding alone sets this Haggadah apart from most.  Not only is the Cup of Redemption helpful to those well-versed in traditional texts, it is equally accessible to those who have never taken part in such a celebration.  A perfect Haggadah for anyone, regardless of how experienced (or inexperienced) they are with Passover festivities. -DS

How To Get It

Did I mention that you can download it for FREE? Just click on the link below for an electronic version, or order your copies with the Buy Now button below. (Note: If you have never enjoyed a Passover seder, you will need one haggadah per person attending.)

Cup of Redemption Haggadah cover

Cup of Redemption Haggadah
$12.00 ea.
FREE shipping in U.S.



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