Haggadah for Pesach

FYI – In the next few days I plan on making available my Passover Haggadah for sale on the site for anyone who might want to use it for this year’s Passover Seder. It will include a full-color cover, spiral binding (so that it will lay flat at the Seder table), and approximately 62 pages of original content (well, as original as you can get without straying from the basic text). I will also include some audio to go along with it. I will also re-post the electronic version in PDF format for free download for those who would like to print their own. I am in the process of making the final edits & corrections now. If you are interested in this resource, I would really like to hear from you.

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5 thoughts on “Haggadah for Pesach”

  1. michael wilson


    I used your haggadah last year for my family seder. I would be very interested in the new haggadah.

    Michael w.

  2. Greetings Darren,

    I would like to see your haggadah. How soon would it be available as a PDF?


    Darren Reply:

    b’ezrat Hashem, in a day or two. Good to hear from you.

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