Welcome to the Digging With Darren blog, “Digging Deeper.” I’m in the process of fixing the template to match the rest of my site, but this will do for now.

Well, fyi – Digging With Darren has been a dream of mine for about three years, and it’s finally coming to fruition. It seems like I can’t spend enough time on it, but I guess I’ll just have to pace myself and work on it a little each day. I may be taking comments and suggestions in the future, but right now I want to get it at least to the point that I have envisioned before trying to make tweaks.

I’ve recently added a few photos to the Kursi section (which will eventually move to its own page) on the archaeology page which might be of interest. I’ve got tons more that I will be adding, along with a map showing the precise location of the dig site, more detailed information regarding the dig process, as well as my personal journal during my trip from 2002.

One of the things I would like to have available on the site is resources for Torah-based congregations, such as Torah-reading sheets for the aliyot breakdowns of each parashah, commentaries on the parashot, festival resources, etc. I guess it will all be in due time.

I will also be writing a review of a couple of events I recently attended:

  1. Debate between a Messianic Jew and a Church of Christ minister over whether or not the Old Testament and the Law have been abolished or not
  2. Local Jewish Food Festival

I guess that’s about it for now. Again, I’ll post more information as I have time.

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