Jerusalem Conference 05

I just heard that there has been a change of speakers at the annual Jerusalem Conference at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies (AIHLS), scheduled for the end of July. One of the speakers had to cancel and Daniel Gruber (author of Rabbi Akiba’s Messiah, The Torah and The New Covenant, etc.) will be speaking in his place.

This is especially of interest to me as I have been studying the implications of his book regarding Rabbi Akiba in conjunction with Avi ben Mordechai’s work on Galatians which uses Gruber’s work as a springboard for his delving into the most disturbing and difficult work of Paul. I’m very interested in seeing what Gruber’s topics are, and if he will address any of the issues presented within his work on Akiba. He may not address these particulars, since this conference is not geared towards a Torah observant audience.

For those who are interested, the Jerusalem Conference is an annual conference hosted by AIHLS. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of these conferences. Although, as previously stated, these conferences are not geared towards a Torah observant audience, they are specifically focused on the Hebraic perspective of Scriptures bringing in ancient texts and archaeological discoveries to illuminate difficult passages of Scripture. This conference (nine or ten years ago) is what challenged me to begin my studies into the Hebraic paradigm of the Scriptures, for which I am very thankful.

This year’s conference will be held July 28-31. The current speaker list includes:

  • Dr. Ron Moseley (Founder & President of AIHLS, author of Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church, etc.)
  • Dr. Brad Young (Author of the ground breaking Jesus: the Jewish Theologian and Paul: the Jewish Theologian, etc.)
  • Dr. Paul L. Maier (author of Josephus: The Essential Works etc.)
  • Daniel Gruber (Author of multiple works, per above. FYI – his information does not yet appear on the Conference website.)

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