Brief Update

“God Told Me To Kill My Children”

As of around midnight last night I finally “finished” (although I’m going to revise it as a more thorough piece for use in my book) my article Visions of Sugar Plums. The phrase, “God Told Me To Kill My Children,” is how it starts. Check it out when you have time. I’m also going to create an appendix to deal with the questionable contradiction related to the Akida (which is not really a problem at all). I’ve got a good portion of that written already.

Galatians Commentaries

For those interested, I received the Galatians commentaries this week. If you’re interested, they are $50 ea. including shipping. I only have a few left, so let me know quickly if you are interested.

Update on Galatians Commentary

I am no longer endorsing Avi’s position on Galatians and no longer carry the books. Please see my reasoning here and here.

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