Sightings 06.01.05

BLEPW Website

A friend of mine has recently created a website, called Blepw (Greek: “I See”) which is specifically geared towards Orthodox Christianity, but also as a means to facilitate interfaith dialogue. The site is mainly a discussion board (at this time) with topics ranging from Liturgy to Jewish / Christian dialogue. Drop by some time and tell Michael that Darren sent you.

DWD Updates

FYI – I’m continuing to update the site, slowly but surely. I had thought about including a discussion board on DWD, but I’m over-committed in my time as it is. I wouldn’t be able to facilitate it properly at this point. Maybe in the future. I’m thinking about using this Blog to post updates to the site as well. It might be a lot easier, and keep you posted on site changes quicker. I’ll mull it over.

Avi’s Galatians Commentary

I’ve just purchased twenty copies of Avi ben Mordechai’s Galatians Commentary. If you would like one, please let me know as soon as possible. I already have more than half of them spoken for. They are $50 each including shipping. (Yes, that’s a hefty price, but for this information — all 525 pages worth! — it’s a bargain, even if you don’t agree with his conclusions.) Please email me your address and I’ll ship them as soon as I get them. You can send me a check when you receive the book. The profit from the sale of these books will go to Rabbi Cohen’s ministry.

Email Me

Email me if you use this site. I would like to find out who is hitting the site, and how it is being used, and how it might be benefitting you. I would also like to hear your suggestions for the site as well.


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