Month: July 2006

Baruch’s Bar Mitzvah

My wife just sent me another article. This time from about a boy named Baruch. It is called “Baruch’s Bar Mitzvah“. It is a story about a special-needs child who turns thirteen. It’s especially touching because my wife has a Master’s degree in deaf-education, and we have a tender spot for the deaf. Grab …

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The Challenge of Prayer

A week or so ago, my wife sent me this link to an article entitled The Experience of Prayer from I really could identify with it in regard to the author’s summary of the obstacles of prayer for the modern man. The part that really rang true was the following: One of the truisms …

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More Posts Coming

Just wanted to apologize for not posting much for quite a while. My day job has been pretty demanding these last couple of weeks. Also, I’ve been working on a commentary to Pirkei Avot, ch1m11 and it has actually taken on a life of its own. It has brought to surface a lot of tie-ins …

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