Mohel Madness

My wife and I are expecting our fourth child right around Sukkot. We had our last child circumcised on the eighth day by a local doctor (who was the only one we could find within about a 200 mile radius due to us having home births and refusing all of the medical trappings that are mandated by the shochet physician – we recommend checking out a book by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn). However, that doctor is not around anymore. Although we don’t know the gender of our expected child, we would seriously like to have a mohel on call to do the trimming (if we have a boy) as a spiritual event, rather than an hygenic one. So, if ANYONE knows of a (Messianic?) mohel that is willing to travel to central Arkansas to help us fulfill this mitzvah (and possibly shake the lulav in the process), please let me know as soon as possible.

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  1. I know your frustrations. My best friend Andy and his wife went through the same thing. I went to a conference and tried to find out if there were any Messianic mohels around. Sorry to say I found none. They had to have their midwife do it on the eighth day.

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