Monkey see…Monkey Do.

It’s really sad that many Christians genuinely love Hashem, yet in their parroting of their church doctrine or theology, they say and do things that are contrary to biblical truth. Since we are no longer students of the Word, nor disciples of the Master, but merely “converts,” we have forgotten to check our theologies and our practices against the authority of the Word. But people can’t be faulted too much. We have been lulled to believe this from the pulpit and the television for at least a few generations. We have been trained that the work of evangelism is up to the pastors and the “evangelists.” We have been trained that the work of discipleship is up to pastors & youth pastors. We’ve been trained that our denominational theology was given at Sinai. We’ve been trained that it really doesn’t matter what we do between Monday & Saturday, as long as we are baptized into our church, pay our tithes, show up on a semi-regular basis & assent to a theological confession. It’s a monkey see…monkey do mentality.

Hashem has called me to challenge this in the people around me. He has called me to be a voice in the wilderness (& sometimes a thorn in the flesh). I’m going to speak this message as gracefully as possible, but I’m not going to be silent, and I’m not going to be another monkey. This monkey’s getting off of my back. I’ve got a boat load of bananas for him, and I’ve sent him packing. Do you have any monkeys to send on the boat, too?

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2 thoughts on “Monkey see…Monkey Do.”

  1. That’s exactly what happened in my church, or better to say in the reformed churches of the Netherlands. Especially the right orthodox wings.

    You know that are the remnants of the great Reformation of the Roman Antichrist, the Papal power which ruled whole Europe and more. Once they were freed from it. But now they are occupied again with a church establishment who rules out what to do and what to belief.

    Did they call papacy antichrist, now they have the same powers inside.


  2. The monkey will turn and bite when he is removed if you are not careful. Having chosen the “Blue pill” I can never go back to the ignorance that seem to be “faith”. I hope that I can bring the message of a vibrant active faith-ing in a spirit of love and not impatience. Hashem desires more for the disciples of His son.

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