The Real War

I just wanted to make mention of the “real” war that is fought day in and day out–the battles that are lost and the ground that is taken each and every day without so much of a mention. It is a war in which we all contribute to each and every day. Only, we support the enemy by giving it ammunition and killing our own through friendly fire.

What ware am I talking about? It’s the war of propaganda. Propaganda for what? You name it. From sympathy towards the terrorist organization of Islam to the pharmaceutical mofia. We are all being lured into their hypnotism and churned into drones for the mass distribution of lethal propaganda that sucks the very life from us. The media is geared to present Islam as a viable religion superior to Judaism or Christianity but with a very small fraction who are prone to terrorism. The pharmaceutical companies are using the media to poison the minds of the masses into paranoia and conditioning us to have a “need” for their mind-altering drugs. What is more is that they have the doctors in their back pockets by giving them commission bonuses for the number of drug perscriptions they write per month. Do you think this helps doctors to be objective in their perscriptions when writing just a few more perscriptions will ensure literally tens of thousands of dollars PER MONTH continue to flow into their personal bank accounts? Our minds are being poisoned from side of the spectrum to the other and we do nothing. We accept it, drink it, swallow it.

What will you do? How will you respond? What propaganda have you swallowed? How will you now respond?

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