For the Record…

In case there was any confusion with my last post, here is my “official” stance on the Messiahship of Yeshua. I believe (with perfect faith) that Yeshua of Nazereth is the long awaited Mashiach proclaimed by the Torah and the Prophets. The evidence within the Apostolic Scriptures is overwhelmingly convincing when viewed with the proper linguistic and cultural understanding to conclude otherwise. Yeshua is HaMashiach.

In the days ahead we (a group of my colleagues and I) will be making available a large repository of conclusive evidences of the validity of his messiahship from both classic perspectives as well as fresh, scholarly insights. If you have insights you would like to include, please contact me in this regard as we are in the compilation process.

shalom chaverim,

ps. Happy Hanukkah! Yeshua is the Light of the World! (And YOU are the light of the world…Matthew 5:14-16… Flip the switch!)

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3 thoughts on “For the Record…”

  1. PRAISE HASHEM!!! This is sorely needed!!! I have friends who are struggling with this issue and are ready to “bail” on Yeshua’s Messiahship. I hope that you post your findings and studies on a continual basis and don’t wait until everything is done because this issue is too hot and people are leaving the Master.


  2. I agree, this is needed. I know some guys were studying the Faith Strengthened karaite written anti-missionary book for the purpose of refuting the claims, etc. Do you know anyone who has studied this and has answers to show where its off? I know some of the stuff is simple but some of the book is difficult and I don’t have answers to it.

    Taking on Tovia Singers teachings would also be an important thing to do. I know James Trimm tried this some time back but I’m not really a fan of this guy for a variety of reasons and I wouldn’t give him a cent.

    Jews for Jesus argues with the anti-missionaries, but with many weak arguments and they have nothing to stand on really because they represent christianity which is full of wrong ideas. Michael Brown is the same.

    We need this type of thing from a perspective of Torah observant believers in Yeshua who do not subscribe to christian teachings that violate the text.


  3. B”H

    I have no doubt that Y’Shua is Mochiach. Most in my community as quite opposed to this for numerous reasons. As a community we are all really unhappy with such sites like Jews for Jesus. I think they are dangerous and promote heresey to us, as Jews and you as Messianic. “Accept Y’Shua and become a Christian” is there premise. That will never happen as their teachings are against the holy Torah. They prey upon weak Jews and tell them tales. Mr. Singer is not the best example of a Torah Scholar. Personally, I think he is more against places like J4J than Y’Shua. His anger and “logic” would never hold against the few Messianics that truly understand all Scripture. If he is not careful, he will find himself against Chabad or Brazlovs, who in my opinion are full of knowledge to share but can’t seem to say that Y’Shua really met all Torah requirements unlike the Rebbe. A great man but not Mochiach. As I see it today, MOST Christians are “free from Torah” while MOST Orthodox are “set free from Y’Shua”. Please remember this though…..the are some within the Orthodox community do trust in Y’Shua just like some with the Christian community do trust in Torah. In both communities, we seem to be the outcast, the confused, the heretics or “the hidden”. I don’t know if most know this but within the Orthodox community we are supposed to lean towards the ways of Hillel, who actually followed the mitzvot to bring all, Jew and Gentile, to the Holy One -Blessed be He. Strange we do not follow that anymore -sigh- Todah to Darren and others who keep the Truth and promote it for others to heed. Amein
    Be Well
    Hidden in Y’Shua

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