Rice Backtracks on PA Elections

[source: The Lekarev Report]

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice welcomed Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s statement yesterday that the government will convene Sunday, in a bid to approve the decision to allow east Jerusalem residents to vote in upcoming PA elections. She noted clearly that the decision will be approved on condition Hamas and other terror organizations will not be allowed to participate in elections.

“It remains the view of the United States that there should be no place in the political process for groups or individuals who refuse to renounce terror and violence, recognize Israel’s right to exist, and disarm,” Rice said in a statement issued by the State Department, after reports of her phone conversation earlier with PA President Abbas caused a furor. In that conversation, Rice had signalled an acceptance of Hamas as a legitimate political entity.

United States supporting Hamas


[source: The Lekarev Report]

DEBKAfile Report: Sunday night Jan 8, US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice discussed the forthcoming Palestinian elections on the telephone with Palestinian Authority chairman Abu Mazen. Jerusalem was not briefed, DEBKAfile’s political sources report.

Twelve hours later, the US consul in Jerusalem Jacob Walles visited Abu Mazen’s office in Ramallah with an oral message from President George W. Bush. According to our sources, it was a presidential guarantee that all the Palestinian parties running for election on Jan 25 would be allowed to campaign openly in East Jerusalem, eligible voters in the city would be permitted to cast their votes through local post offices, and the voter slips of all Palestinian parties without exception would be available in the balloting booths. This means that the Bush Administration has legitimized the Hamas terrorist organization as a ‘political party’.

The Israeli government was not informed of the extraordinary step taken by Bush over its head and without respect toward Israeli sovereign territory. This action is deeply disturbing.

1. The Bush administration took advantage of Ehud Olmert’s having been less than a week in the job of acting prime minister and treated his reluctance to undertake firm decisions – as long as prime minister Ariel Sharon’s condition was uncertain – as a leadership vacuum in Jerusalem. Without a word, administration officials marked the goings-on around Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem and Olmert’s slowness to rise to the challenge.

2. Olmert’s failure to come down decisively on the Jerusalem issue has a serious consequence: Washington’s intercession enables the terrorist Hamas group to fly its green flags and hold rallies on Temple Mount with its standard calls for jihad against Israel, as well as piling its voter slips at Israeli government post offices as an option for the Palestinian voter. By this device, the backhanded recognition of a Palestinian terrorist organization sworn to destroy the Jewish state has been thrust down the interim government’s throat.

3. The Bush administration showed no consideration for Olmert’s efforts to find his feet as head of government, bid for the leadership of Kadima party and fight a tough election.

Governing circles in Jerusalem were stunned by the White House action. Part of the shock derived from the Israeli ministers’ mistaken conviction that Abu Mazen would postpone the election to prevent the Hamas beating his ruling Fatah. DEBKAfile’s sources had repeatedly predicted that the White House would insist on the Palestinian vote taking place on schedule – even at the price of a Hamas win and regardless of Sharon’s indisposition and a transitional administration in Jerusalem.

High Council of Bnei Noach

This email was recently forwarded to me by a friend of mine. It was sent to him by a friend of his living in Israel, who made aliyah a few years back. The original email came from a lady named Ashirah, who is a non-Jew living in Israel. There is some incredible stuff about to happen. Whether good or bad is yet to be seen, but it is definitely a huge tick in the eschatological time clock.

On this coming Monday, January 9th, the Sanhedrin is hosting a full-day event to honor and to conduct the swearing in of the first ever High Council of Bnei Noach. In fact, it will be the first time in 2000 years that Bnei Noach have stood before the Court of the Sanhedrin and taken an oath of allegiance to keep the Seven Universal Laws of mankind. It is a hugh Kiddush Hashem (Sanctification of G-d’s Name) and the Sanhedrin Rabbis believe it will “open the floodgates” for the revelation of the Righteous Gentiles of the world.

We will be filming the event for our documentary. Not only has the Sanhedrin given us permission to film, the Leadership Committee of the Sanhedrin determined yesterday to give us priority over all the other media, national and international, who will be in attendance. We will be the only camera allowed to film from the bimah. This is a huge honor, for which we stand in awe and trembling before Hashem. We will also be interviewing the members of the High Council of Bnei Noach. Please ask that Hashem provide us with the sensitivity, insight and wisdom to glorify His Name in every aspect of the privilege being extended to us.

As if this news was not overwhelming enough, there is more.

The Leadership Committee of the Sanhedrin has asked me to be a speaker at Monday’s event, to give a lecture for women on the Seven Noahide Laws, their significance for mankind and my journey to Judaism. I will be the only woman to speak and the lecture will be open to the Press. Rabbi bar Rhon told me that the decision of the Committee was unanimous. They have asked me to speak for up to an hour. Please, please, pray that Hashem will give me wisdom as to what to prepare, that the words He desires be shared be placed in my heart, mind and upon my lips. This will be the most important lecture I have ever given in my life.