My Son’s Health

I just want to publicly praise Hashem for a blessing in our family. Last night was the first night in months that my son did not have to use his inhaler through the night. For this we are VERY thankful!

A week ago last Friday (the 9th) we had to spend the middle of the night on Shabbat in the Emergency room with him because of his breathing (or lack thereof). Since that time, we have had friends in our community begin to try and help us track down potential health hazards that may be triggering breathing problems for him (other than merely genetic disposition). One step is that we were loaned two air purification systems for our home. Another step is that one of the men from our fellowship came and did some back-breaking work in order to help get rid of mold that we found beneath our house. He spent all day Friday spraying the underside of our house in order to kill the mold, and installing a de-humidifier and laying a vapor barrier in order to prevent future re-occurrence of the mold. I am praying this is what is making the difference, along with the prayers of the saints.

Thank you for your prayers for my son, and rejoice with me in this moment that Hashem has given us a moment of His loving touch!

The Missing Moed

I taught this past Shabbat at our first community Shabbat meeting in Central Arkansas. We plan on having these once a month. If are in the Central Arkansas area (or want to travel!) be sure to find out when our meetings are.

This is sort of repeat material, but a little different approach. If you haven’t discovered Hashem’s missing moed…well, your missing out!

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Letter vs. Spirit

While I was searching through some of my emails and such that I had sent to a few men that I am challenging in Torah, I came across a some notes that I had written back in January that corresponds really well to my thoughts on this week’s Parasha (Emor) from last year. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I think it gets the point across.

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