Google / IAA Launch Digital Dead Sea Scrolls Online

Isaiah Scroll on Google's Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

Today, Google and the Israeli Antiquities Authority / Israel Museum officially launched the Digital Dead Sea Scrolls site. This is a watershed in DSS studies. By making these hi-res (If you’re thinking like 20-50 megapixels, think again. Try a whopping 1200 megapixels. Whoa…!) multi-spectrum images freely available to the public online for the first time ever.

With the launch of this site I believe that DSS studies will take off like a parabola curve. This site is making available to both scholars and laymen alike what has previously never been accessible to more then a select few specialists. It’s been over 60 years since their discovery and they are finally making their way to the public arena. I’m sure Hershel Shanks is dancing a jig right about now.

Right now they are offering 5 of the most important (and complete) scrolls, but I’m sure more will follow. Currently available is: The Great Isaiah Scroll, the War Scroll, The Temple Scroll, The Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll and the Community Rule Scroll. They even have English translations of the text as you scroll over the different sections. You can zoom in incredibly close and see the fine details of the text and the scroll. It is quite impressive. Be sure to check it out!

Viruses & Malware Problems

Google Analytics sample

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had various problems with my site. It started with Google blacklisted my site because of malware coming from another site on the same server. It eventually ended up infecting my site, and causing my site traffic to drop to the level of non-existent while I was trying to figure out how to track down and fix the infected files (see the screenshot above).

This morning, I sent out a tweet that I was having trouble, and within a minute or two, my friend Cotton Rohrscheib replied and sent me a link to a site that would scan my site and tell me exactly which files were infected so that I could deal with them. (Up to this point I had used several other sites to scan mine, all of them giving me a clean bill of health.) I was able to get things fixed within a matter of minutes.

Thank you, Cotton for your help! And for all of my visitors, please accept my apologies for the scare you’ve been getting while trying to access my site. I’ll try to keep this from happening in the future.

Many blessings to you all, and may you have a wonderful, peace-filled Sabbath!