FFOZ-Boaz Michael Speaking Locally

Mark Your Calendars :: Michael Boaz of First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ) will be speaking in the Central Arkansas area on TUESDAY, August 9th at 6:30pm.

We are securing a meeting location now, and will post the details as soon as they are available (and if anyone has a suggestion as to a location, please contact me). I want to encourage everyone to spread the word and round up as many people as we can for this rare opportunity. It will be a free event, and I believe it will be a continuation of the FFOZ speaking tour “Trembling at the Word.”

Sanhedrin Elects Nasi

Over the past few weeks there have been new developments with the re-established Sanhedrin. The newest event was the election of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz as the Nasi, or President. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Steinsaltz, he is a Kabbalist rabbi who is also a prolific author, publishing approximately fifty-eight works to date. These include such works as:

  • The Thirteen Petalled Rose
  • The Essential Talmud
  • We Jews : Who Are We and What Should We Do
  • The Steinsaltz Talmud (his most noted, ongoing achievement)

Rabbi Steinsaltz also founded the Israel Institute for Talmudic Publications. Newsweek Magazine is quoted as saying:

“Jewish lore is filled with tales of formidable rabbis. Probably none living today can compare in genius and influence to Adin Steinsaltz, whose extraordinary gifts as scholar, teacher, scientist, writer, mystic and social critic have attracted disciples from all factions of Israeli society.”

Subsequent postings will detail events as they progress.

Men’s Torah Group

Hashem has begun to answer some long-term prayers of mine by opening some doors recently. At the request of a couple of friends, we started a men’s Bible study group whose focus is to learn Torah, and strip ourselves from our pre-conceived concepts and indoctrinations. We started a few weeks ago with myself and two other men. This week it grew to a total of five men, and others have already expressed interest in joining us. I would appreciate your prayers in leading this group so that it won’t be a group focused on what I have to offer, but what the Ruach (Spirit) is doing as we return to the “old wine” (Luke 5:39) of the Torah. I’m currently trying to decide on whether to use a study program (Torah Club?) or not in our studies in order that everyone would know exactly what we will be studying from week to week. Your prayers are definitely needed.

Brief Update

“God Told Me To Kill My Children”

As of around midnight last night I finally “finished” (although I’m going to revise it as a more thorough piece for use in my book) my article Visions of Sugar Plums. The phrase, “God Told Me To Kill My Children,” is how it starts. Check it out when you have time. I’m also going to create an appendix to deal with the questionable contradiction related to the Akida (which is not really a problem at all). I’ve got a good portion of that written already.

Galatians Commentaries

For those interested, I received the Galatians commentaries this week. If you’re interested, they are $50 ea. including shipping. I only have a few left, so let me know quickly if you are interested.

Update on Galatians Commentary

I am no longer endorsing Avi’s position on Galatians and no longer carry the books. Please see my reasoning here and here.