Truths and Lies

I recently received a Torah Resource newsletter from Tim Hegg (FFOZ) which addresses two issues of particular interest in a section entitled “Urban Myths.”

Tim Hegg vs. Nehemia Gordon

    Hegg criticized Nehemiah Gordan for falsely claiming that the Shem Tov Gospel of Matthew is much older than the extant Greek texts of Matthew, and much more accurate in his book The Hebrew Yeshua vs. The Greek Jesus. I specifically asked Tim about this since I have listened to Avi ben Mordechai’s three-hour audio introduction to his new book which is based largely on the premises preposed by Gordon and his book. In his lecture, Avi repeats adamantly that the Shem Tov Matthew is not an early manuscript. I couldn’t figure out why Gordon would make such claims. Hegg’s response was that Gordon’s “language was deceiving.” I can see both sides of the coin. For those interested, their arguments can be found on Hegg’s website.

“Indiana” Jones Hoax

    Hegg also said that the recent news of Vendyl “Indiana” Jones was a huge joke on the media and Messianics, and that Vendyl’s links to the Indiana Jones storyline were bogus. I also asked Hegg about this in light of the recent article from Artuz Sheva. He sent me an article from the Watchman Expositor detailing all of Jones’ wacked out ideas, theology and escapades to validate. Read it for yourself. I feel like such a sucker. But I guess Arutz Sheva will as well…

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