Month: May 2009

Session 2 update 3

Session 2 just wrapped up with Joseph Good explaining how to get around the multiple issues surrounding the red heifer and inauguration of the priesthood and Temple. It involved a complex system (which has already been set in place) of Kohanim who would be born in a controlled environment and raised free from ritual impurity …

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Session 2 Update 2

Joseph Good is now teaching on the Soreg, the dividing wall on the Temple Mount which was the furthest place for which non-Jews could enter, and the place which Paul was accused of taking non-Jews past in the account in the book of Acts. He is comparing the descriptions of the Mishna with Josephus and …

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Session 2 update

Joseph Good is now asking the question “where were the toilets” in the Temple complex. It may seem a little crass, but it is actually a very good, practical question of which there are several problems in resolving the issues revolving around the topic. His current working texts are from b.Yoma 32 and 33.