Brief note on Session 1

I wanted to post a brief note on Session 1 from this morning (Shavuot Conference 09) in which Aaron Eby did an excellent job at making a definitive disconnect between the Jewish “rejection” of Yeshua and the destruction of the Temple. He did an excellent job in showing that the destruction of the Temple was not due to the rejection of the theological assent to Yeshua as Messiah, but the rejection of Yeshua’s central message of teshuva /repentance and acceptance of the Kingdom as the authority over one’s every day life. His mission was to call people to repentance, returning them to the Torah of Moses which defines proper conduct. He (Eby) stressed time and again that Yeshua’s message was, “Kindness takes precedence over Temple service. Without kindness, there will be no service,” saying that his message actually revolved around his love for his Father’s House (the Temple), with the ultimate message being that we will only see redemption when we personally carry out the teachings of our Master (Yeshua) in our lives. Great stuff…!

Session 2 update 3

Session 2 just wrapped up with Joseph Good explaining how to get around the multiple issues surrounding the red heifer and inauguration of the priesthood and Temple. It involved a complex system (which has already been set in place) of Kohanim who would be born in a controlled environment and raised free from ritual impurity in order that in adulthood they would be able to slaughter the red heifer in a ritually pure state.

Session 2 Update 2

Joseph Good is now teaching on the Soreg, the dividing wall on the Temple Mount which was the furthest place for which non-Jews could enter, and the place which Paul was accused of taking non-Jews past in the account in the book of Acts. He is comparing the descriptions of the Mishna with Josephus and resolving discrepancies between the two accounts.

Session 2 update

Joseph Good is now asking the question “where were the toilets” in the Temple complex. It may seem a little crass, but it is actually a very good, practical question of which there are several problems in resolving the issues revolving around the topic. His current working texts are from b.Yoma 32 and 33.

Live Blogging? Shavuot 09

Aaron Eby suggested that I live blog from the conference (today would be the only day, since the rest of the week will be holy days), so I thought I would give it a small attempt…

Currently, I am sitting & listening to Joseph Good teach his second session on the Temple. He recently recovered from technical difficulties (thanks to Jeremy & Joel) and is back on track. He is speaking about the specifications of the Monumental Stairway & showing photos from the 1800s to present of the area.