New Baby Girl!

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately folks. We’ve been busy having baby #4. For those interested, this Shabbat brought much joy into our lives with the birth of our first girl, Einya Shai Huckey. Einya means “Eye of G-d,” and “Shai” means “gift/present.” In the future I’ll give more details, but I wanted to share the good news with those of you who take the time to visit the site. Many blessings to all who shared their prayers with us for this wonderful experience. Baruch Hashem for His blessings!


I Once Was Lost…

Around March or April of this year I lost an entire set of keys: car keys, house keys, business key, post office box key, parents’ house key, etc. We looked and looked and looked and for six or seven months have not seen a trace of them… until today!

Today the temperature was very brisk and we all went out as a family. I went to the closet to grab my jacket and something told me that my jacket held something special. Little did I know that when I thrust my hand into the pocket I would find my lost set of keys. Baruch Hashem!

Blessed art Thou, O L-rd, our G-d Who does not strike down the absent minded.