Welcome Boaz Michael

I want to officially welcome Boaz Michael in a few regards. The first is to welcome him to Central Arkansas for his seminar tour Knocking on Heaven’s Gates. The second is to welcome him into cyberspace with his new blog, BoazMichael.Org. Lastly, it’s been rumored that he has officially converted. Yes, I believe he is an official Apple/Mac proselyte now. I’ll be able to confirm this once he arrives this week, and funnel the information back to my Mac blood-brother, Tim Hegg. ;-)

Well, now that I’ve had some fun, be sure to check out Boaz’s blog, especially his newest post on holiness which came with incredible timing in relationship to my last post on Parashat Emor.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Boaz Michael”

  1. I’m sure you’ve confirmed Boaz’ Macness already. Did he tell you how long he made fun of me for taking the Mac plunge before he switched? Don’t let it get by him!

  2. Come on! I have been a mac lover for nigh on 7 years now! What has taken you all so long?!?! Macs and Torah, it’s the way to go

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