Boaz Michael-Before and After
I just found out that Boaz Michael was the recipient of the July PROBAR Road Trip Contest with his testimonial of the PROBAR being instrumental in his incredible weight loss over the last year.

Upon seeing this photo, my oldest son—age 5—who has met Boaz on multiple occasions, asked “Who is that man with Mr. Boaz?” My wife and I nearly fell over. When we quit laughing he said, “I want some of that!” Congratulations, Boaz!

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1 thought on “PROBAR Winner”

  1. Shalom James, Yes, it’s an old surfer term menniag excited’ or jazzed’ in a good way; What these discussions reflect is an ontological reality that validates HaShem’s efforts to speak to mankind. We see in part’, like the proverbial Hindu blind men arguing about what an elephant is like, as each one holds a different part of the animal. True, their concepts may be hindered by their handicap, but, nevertheless, they are actually touching and knowing truth about the elephant. When Moshiach comes he will open our eyes, then we will all see eye to eye’. May He come soon, in our day.

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