Book Review-The Committed Life

The Committed Life

Esther Jungreis


If there is one book you need to get before Yom Kippur this is it. It should be in the library of anyone who can read. It will inspire you to live beyond yourself and for others. My wife began reading it a few weeks ago and it has presented serious challenges for both of us, as well as been an incredible source of inspiration to live an inspiring life. Legendary Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis tells how her family has left a legacy of a committed, inspired life of love for Hashem and His Torah, touching countless people in the process. The book is filled with innumerable, real-life stories of people whose lives have been challenged and changed through a Torah-filled life of love. It seems I can’t get past a story without weeping, being reminded of my short-comings, but being encouraged to know that there is hope for change as the illustrations prove over and over. If you’ve got nothing to remind you of how we need to be affecting those around us, this book is for you.

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  2. This book has become one of my favorites, along with her other book, The Committed Marriage. Rebbetzin Jungreis also has two other books, Life is a Test, and I cant remember the name of the other one. Sorry. She also had an excellent article in this months World Jewish Digest. Her wisdom is truly Torah wisdom.

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