Tisha b’Av / Prayer

For those who may not know, sundown tonight begins Tisha b’Av—the ninth day of the month of Av. If you are not familiar with Tisha b’Av, Aish has a great site to help understand about this day (and this season, for that matter). If you can fast (a complete fast is optimal—no food, no water, no bathing, etc.—but not exclusive) on behalf of the Jewish people during this time it would be a wonderful thing. Here are a couple of things to consider:

It’s Serious

I’m not a prophet, nor is this premonition, but I am convinced that between sundown Israel time (about noon CST) and sundown tomorrow (Israel time), Hizbullah is going to bring out the big guns, and possibly even have major Iranian and Syrian involvement. (Nasrallah has already threatened to bring down a rain of 500 rockets on Tel Aviv in the near future.) I pray that I’m wrong. However, knowing the fate of Tisha b’Av, and knowing that their enemies know it (just look at how they began the war on Tzom Tammuz) is reason enough to believe that Iran Hizbullah has been waiting for Tisha b’Av for their “grand finale.”

Coordinated International Prayer

The Chief Rabbi of Israel has a call out for people all over the world to be united in prayer for Israel at the onset of Tisha b’Av. It will begin TODAY at approximately noon CST. Please be in prayer during this time if at all possible. You can download the prayers suggested by the Chief Rabbi for your convenience as well. Let’s make a difference with our prayers, and fill the throne room of the heavens on behalf of our Jewish brothers and sisters.

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