Holy Blood, Holy Lies

It seems dubious author Michael Baigent has thrust his pen into the side of Yeshua again in his new book The Jesus Papers. A followup to his 1982 hit and miss Holy Blood, Holy Grail in which he has Jesus escape the cross through drug use and elope to France with Mary Magdalene. This was the inspiration behind Dan Brown’s overwhelmingly popular, over-hyped, fraudulent and highly imaginative DaVinci Code. (As a matter of fact, Baigent filed a lawsuit against Brown for “stealing” his material.) It “just so happens” to fall right on the heals of the publication of The Judas Gospel and the DaVinci Code blockbuster hit. But he claims it is only “coincidence.”

Baigent’s premise in The Jesus Papers is the same as Holy Blood, Holy Grail, only this time he takes it a step further. He claims to have found what he calls the “Jesus Papers,” written letters from Yeshua to the Sanhedrin uncovering the “truth” about Yeshua’s feigned death and the ensuing details of his “life after death.” Hershel Shanks has a good time poking fun at this wasted ink called a novel in his recent review of it. Take a peak and have a few laughs, and don’t worry about it shaking anyone’s faith but those who have none.

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