Comfort, comfort my people…

This little phrase from the Haftarah of Va’etchanan (Isaiah 40:1) has become the focus of my attention this last week and a half. It has drawn me into a world of understanding the work of Messiah for which I have only seen glimpses. At this point, being able to express my research has turned into several pages and I hope to publish my finished examination in the next week or so entitled, “Mashiach – Restoring the Crowns to Israel.” This will by no means be a “complete” examination of the work of Messiah. However, at least for me, it has seriously broken new ground in understanding more about his purpose while among his people, as well as his eternal work—especially in relationship to some of the difficult sayings of Paul.

Here’s a teaser, and part of the premise of my research:

In a midrashic interpretation of Shemot 33:4-6 (the removal of adornments from the people prior to judgement), the spiritual crowns given to Israel on the mountain of G-d were taken from them. They were forfeited at the sin of the Egel Maseikhah (Golden Calf). Thus Israel was stripped of the Crowns of Freedom—freedom from death and freedom from exile. With this hope being foregone, the second comfort is Israel’s only hope in regaining these two lost crowns. They can now only be attained through the righteousness of Mashiach.

Your prayers are always appreciated.

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