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Akhnai’s Oven

A few people have been asking about where to read the account of Akhnai’s Oven (which can also be “Aknai’s Oven”). This is the link to the source of this text. Here is the text of the argument: We learnt elsewhere: If he cut it into separate tiles, placing sand between each tile: R. Eliezer …

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Lo B’shamayim Hi

Well, after a couple of hours discussion with a friend who knows the Torah and Talmudic writings far better than I, and reexamining the Scriptures and the original Talmudic source regarding the impurity of Akhnai’s Oven, I have come to some clear understandings of things that were unclear previously regarding rabbinic teachings. I plan on …

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Exodus 25:1 – 27:19 Here are some general thoughts on the parashat Terumah… In this Torah Portion we find the call for the building of the Mishkan (משׁכן, Tabernacle). In the opening line we hear Hashem speaking to Moshe: “Speak to the Children of Israel and let them take for Me a portion (terumah, תרומה), …

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