Torah Reformation

You say you want a revolution? What about a reformation? How about a Torah Reformation?

Some people think that the Protestant Reformation was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But if you could foresee the impact of the Torah Reformation, the Protestant Reformation would look like a drip in an ocean compared to the tidal waves that the Torah Reformation will produce. I dare say that the Torah Reformation will be the catalyst which ushers in the return of King Messiah.

What is the Torah Reformation? Never heard of it? Probably not. Why not? It has been trying to poke it head out of the soil ever since the coming of Messiah. It has recently been sweeping the world for the last three decades, and is building momentum. The reason you haven’t heard of the “Torah Reformation,” is simply because I just coined the phrase. But it doesn’t mean it hasn’t existed. It just means that we’ve been trying to put labels on the birthings of the movement, and have not seen the movement itself. The birth of the Torah Reformation began with Messianic Judaism, which then gave birth to the Hebraic Roots movement, which has now given birth to several other sprouts such as the almost ambiguously labeled Two House movement. There have been several such offshoots which are either contained within these, or have simply become autonomous movements, such as the Sacred Name faction. But each of these are only the infant children of the mature product yet to be seen: the Torah Reformation. How will this reformation be distinct from the literal thousands of reformations within the Body of Messiah within the last two millennium?

Like a lion from his slumber rises the Torah Community of Believers. Like a crouching lioness are those who proclaim the wholeness of the Word of Hashem. Fire is shut up in their bones, and the weapons of carnal warfare will not be a deterrent. Torah and Messiah—the Word of the L-RD and the Word-Made-Flesh—will rise to claim what was stolen. The hearts of the fathers will return to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers. The hearts that have been lead astray by the doctrines of demons will return to Torah and Messiah. The Jewish community will succumb to its revelation, and the Christian Church will fall to its truth. Nation will rise against nation, fathers against sons, and mothers against daughters. The Word of Hashem will divide the soul from the spirit, and cast judgment on those who have lead astray the multitudes.

There is a storm brewing on the horizon, and a cry of war ringing in the distance.

“…and many peoples shall come, and say: ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths.’ For out of Zion shall go forth the Torah, and the word of the L-RD from Jerusalem.” Isaiah 2:3.

And one will come who will be the forerunner, to prepare the hearts of the people for the return of Messiah. The one will be like a voice screaming, echoing in the emptiness of the wilderness, calling for repentance — a return to the paths of the ancients.

“And he will be His forerunner in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn fathers’ hearts to the children, and cause the rebellious to walk in the wisdom of the upright, to make a people perfectly ready for the lord.” Luke 1:17.

Will you be that voice? Will you stand for truth and righteousness? Will you create the spark to help ignite the Torah Reformation?

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