New Server

Well, I’ve kept my same host, but they’ve moved my site to a different server and it seems to be working very nicely now. Please let me know if you notice any pages missing that I need to republish that may have got lost in the shuffle.


No Pain – You’re Sane

This may be my new slogan. I’ve been trying to implement more discipline in my life, so I’ve started walking in the mornings over the past three weeks or so (and I’m blaming Boaz for it). I still haven’t gotten past the “I hurt. I ache. This is aweful. Why would anyone in their right mind be getting up an extra hour to do this to himself? Remind me what the point of this is…” phase. This morning as I was just past my midpoint, my calves started cramping. I actually called my wife on the way home to ask her if anyone has ever died from walking, because I felt as if I could at any moment. She laughed (some people are soooo insensitive!), I moaned, and pressed on.

By the time I made it home, I still ached, but not nearly as bad. I had to press myself to go beyond what I thought I was capable of doing in order to receive the payoff, rather than just quitting when it was uncomfortable. I guess this is the point of this entry: “No Pain – You’re Sane.” Sanity, as we know it, is just doing the norm. When things become tough and unbearable, we quit (or say G-d is “blocking” that path). But in order to rise above ourselves and go to that next level in our lives, we have to go beyond the pain, beyond sanity. We have to follow the lead of the Apostle Sha’ul (Paul) and beat our bodies (and minds and whatever else is getting in the way) into submission in order to attain the prize waiting for us in the end.

Here’s my plea: Don’t be sane!!! Start some insanity in your life and “crank it up a notch!” Let’s live beyond an egocentric existance. Let’s be movers and shakers for the Kingdom and see this world transformed!

I think I may have even inspired myself! Who knows…? Maybe tomorrow I’ll “crank it up a notch” myself and walk 2 blocks! :-D