Combatting Jews For Jesus

I recently came across an article on entitled The Conversion Vaccine,” subtitled The best defense to the ambitious “Jews for Jesus” missionary campaign. It’s an article on the attempts of Jews for Jesus to “evangelize” Jews in order to convert them to Christianity. The article accurately points out that the best resistance to such missionaries is to simply be educated in the spiritual aspects of Judaism and to practice Judaism itself. They also accurately pointed out that Jews for Jesus does not have any power of influence over observant Jews in regard to conversion. Why? Because observant Jews know the Torah, and Jews for Jesus do not. Although Jews for Jesus makes up for its Torah ignorance in zeal, it does not carry enough weight for observant Jews to turn away from the Biblical mandate to beware of those who will lead you astray to serve “gods you do not know” (Deut 13, e.g. this one named “Jesus”).

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying Jews don’t need to know their long awaited Messiah. What I am saying, however, is that they don’t need to be convinced into thinking the law-breaking, Sabbath-violating Jesus that JFJ has created is their savior. He is not. The true Savior of all mankind, particularly of the Jews, is the Torah-loving, Sabbath-keeping Yeshua who is accurately portrayed in the Apostolic Scriptures if one reads them without an anti-nomian, anti-Semetic bias.

Unfortunately, the damage JFJ has done in regard to Jews in regard to their search for Messiah has been catastrophic. Their blatant rejection of the Ways of the Almighty (found in His Torah) have pierced the hearts of Jews (and G-d fearing non-Jews) around the world. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

One of my very good friends’ father is an elder in a local evangelical church. He doesn’t agree with the Torah-based lifestyle of his son. And in order to illustrate the point that the Law “really is done away with” he told the story of the JFJ missionary that came to their church. When he came, he specifically requested to be taken out to eat catfish…on Yom Kippur. Let’s just say I’m glad that I wasn’t around, because I would have been looking for a bomb-shelter. But it’s amazing the mercy our Heavenly Father has on us—even in our rebellion.

But here lies my question. How do you think his actions reflect to any Jew who is even slightly observant, much less devout? It would be like calling up a pastor to get spiritual counseling, and told to hang on while he stokes the fire in order to finish offering his child up to Molech. His credibility not only went out the window, but he was understood to be exactly what he was—a false prophet.

Sadly, JFJ has forced the majority of Jews into believing that everyone who believes in Yeshua as Messiah has the same anti-Law mentality. It has also caused them to create anti-missionary tactics and programs in order to combat this introduction of a false religion (the one that rejects the Law of G-d). Although the education of Jews to know their spiritual heritage is quite valuable, the downside of this is the staunch rejection of any idea that their Messiah has indeed come.

I have to admit, we need to be thankful to Jews for Jesus for at least one thing. With their introduction of the bait-and-switch Torah tactics that have been used time and again in order to trick some poor Jew into converting to their brand of Christianity based on the “common thread” of the Torah, many have come to realize the validity of the Torah (even though JFJ does not). It has created a rebirth of the Torah movement in our day (Baruch Hashem!), and created an environment to which we could recognize that the original Biblical faith is a Jewish one.

The JFJ addition to the equation is a double-edged sword of which only the Almighty will be able to sort out in the end.

Thanks, JFJ, for your life-touching ministry.

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3 thoughts on “Combatting Jews For Jesus”

  1. I wept when I read about the DVD from Jews for Jesus at this blog: He posts about it on May 22, 2006. It is so difficult because I only recently, 4 years ago, came to know Torah observance. My husband is still very much in the Christian mindset where I once was, but I knew there was something that was not right. Had it not been for Christianity I would not be where I am now. However, I weep that so many, both Jews and Christians, are being blinded to the Truth of Messiah.

  2. I think you are confusing legitimate disagreements over the nature of Torah observance in light of the Messiah’s atoning sacrifice with concern and respect for the Torah.

    What did Paul argue that in Romans regarding Sabbath observance, etc.? I think you know that answer.

  3. Geoff – Romans? Sabbath? Maybe I’m missing something here, but I’m struggling to find Paul addressing the issue of Sabbath in his letter to the Romans. I’m sorry, but I don’t know the answer. Please help me.

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