Weak-Kneed Lebanese

Reports keep coming in like this one:

Lebanese leaders continue to call upon the international community to halt the Israeli military operation, turning to the United Nations, the European Union and the Vatican to apply pressure on Jerusalem.

For some reason, the Lebanese can’t figure out why the Israelis are bombing the heck out of them. I know some people aren’t that bright, but this seems particularly dull.

Listen up, Lebanon! If you REALLY want a cease-fire and are peace-loving, you’ll send out your military to round up and/or eliminate these Hizbullah thugs that you’re babysitting. If you REALLY want peace, you’ll get your Arab friends on the Muslim Hotline and tell them to kick Hizbullah’s butt and get them out of your country. If you REALLY want peace, you’ll do everything in your power to crush Hizbullah and the Syrian-Iranian support of trouble-makers in your country, instead of pulling the doggie’s tale and running to Momma because he’s growling at you. Wake up and smell the napalm, Lebanon.

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