Middle East Conflict Status 07/21/06

As usual, the world leaders just “don’t get it.” And unfortunately, this will be the case until the people of the Almighty (including you and me) turn 180 degrees in accordance with true Tshuva (repentance) and allow Hashem to smash His enemies. Smiles and jeers are across the faces of world leaders (and even some reading this email) as the Jewish death toll rises. My “prediction” is that anti-Semitism will continue to rise, especially within Christianity and Israel will continue to be hounded by her enemies until the return of our Righteous Messiah. This is only the tip of the iceberg for what is in store.

Here are some prime examples of what I’m talking about:

NOTE: Some of the links included below are from observant Jewish sources. This means that some of these resources will not be available online from about 1:00pm CST (sundown in Israel) until about 2:00 or 3:00pm tomorrow (sundown in Israel) due to the careful protection of the Lord’s Sabbath.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero supporting Palestinian efforts:

Nazareth Arabs being pounded by Hizbullah rockets welcome Hizbullah takeover:

Jordanians protest and call for Hizbullah to “burn Israel”:

Egyptians join the cry to destroy Israel:

Here are some recent updates (courtesy of IsraelNN.com):

  • Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon are landing in Haifa, Tiberias, Nahariya, Akko and Tzfat. Numerous rockets have fallen in Haifa, landing in the Hadar neighborhood and on Neve’im Street, near City Hall.
  • IDF Activating 5,000 Reservists. The IDF has announced today, Friday, that tzav-8 emergency activation orders are being distributed to many reservists who will be deployed in many areas, thereby releasing compulsory duty soldiers for deployment in northern Israel. The army media release states that soldiers from various battalions are being activated, totaling approximately a brigade. Earlier in the week, three battalions were activated and many hesder yeshiva students were activated, taken from yeshiva study halls back into active service.
  • Iranian-made 220mm rockets, modified in Syria are striking Haifa, resulting in heavy property damage and injuries. The rockets carry over 100kg (220 lbs) of explosives and packed with metallic balls. In one of the rocket impact points today, a rocket cut through four stories of a concrete building, testifying to the intensity of impact.
  • Israel acting humanely (but unnoticed by the media). Lebanese media reports that the Israel Air Force has dropped fliers over southern Lebanon, calling on residents to flee the area. According to the Lebanese report, southern Lebanese residents are instructed to move as far north as the Litani river, explaining the southern area will be targeted in IAF bombing raids.
  • Six rockets landed in Tzfat a short time ago. In Nahariya, in another wave of attacks, five homes were damaged. Miraculously, there were no injuries in either city.

And these are but an infinitesimally small number of reports from a multitude of others.

For a very good assessment of both the tactical and spiritual status of the war from “Rabbi Rambo”, here is an excellent article:
Emuna News Special Report

If you don’t have these resources bookmarked yet, here are some great resources for TRUE and ACCURATE information on the Middle East crisis, as opposed to the lies we are being fed on our news networks:

Israel National News

The Michael Freund Blog (Founder & Chairman of Shavei Israel)

Lazer Beams (Rabbi Lazer Brody – aka “Rabbi Rambo”)


I’m glad you asked. Here are some suggestions…

  • Repent from acts in your life that are displeasing to the Almighty
  • Pray for Israel and her soldiers (Israeli Rabbis have specifically requested the recitation of Psalms 13, 70, 125, and 128. Why not pray God’s Words?)
  • Donate to pro-Israel charities
  • Boycott products, services and organizations that are anti-Israel
  • Distribute information to as many people as possible to let the truth of this situation be known
  • Educate your family, friends and children on how critical it is to know which side of this we are to take. We must stand for righteousness, rather than wickedness, and we must stand when others are comfortable being seated. “The wicked prevail when good men do nothing.”

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