Torah for the Masses

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who has contributed their thoughts to the last question I posted. I’m still mulling it around, so feel free to continue to post to the “Blinded to the Gospel” post. Here’s another one I would like your help on.

I’ve been working on a book for several years now that has changed more times than I’ve changed my shirt. With each revision I take things a step back in order to break it down to the most simple, understandable, friendly reading as possible. While Daniel’s book Restoration is an excellent source of encouragement for those just starting on this journey, my vision is to create something that would be able to be put into the hands of someone who had never even heard of Torah without any fear of “Judaizing.” I want it to primarily deal with a few main points in order to allow the reader to view the Scriptures through a truly Biblical paradigm, rather than our anti-Torah paradigm of Western-Christianity. The important points I see that need to be made are as follows:

  • God’s purposes expressed in the Biblical canon are predominantly collectively focused, rather than individually focused (bringing the reader out of an ego-centric reading of the Scriptures, especially of the Apostolic Scriptures)
  • The purpose and the beauty of the Torah as God’s wisdom revealed to man
  • Torah as the fondation of all subsequent revelation
  • Continuity between the “Old” and “New” Testaments, rather than discontinuity
  • The words of Jesus illuminated from a Torah perspective
  • The words of Paul illuminated from a Torah perspective

I would like to hear the things YOU think are important. Please keep in mind that I want this as “user-friendly” as possible. I’ve already axed several chapters of material that would be too confrontational. Think of this as a Bible-for-Dummies type book in which the reader must never be intimidated with predrawn conclusions or emphatic dogma. Please give me your suggestions by posting them to the comments section of this post. Thanks for your help!

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