Didache text

For anyone interested, I just posted the text to the Didache on the site. I had heard about, and even knew a little about the Didache from previous studies, but had never actually read or studied the text myself. Recently, when Aaron Eby mentioned adding the first century Grace After Meals from the believing community to the Siddur, I was in amazement. I didn’t realize such a thing existed. It did, and it was to be found in this ancient document known as the Didache (Greek – “The Teaching”). This made me want to know more about this intriguing document, and gave me a desire to study it for myself. Having it on-hand in a format that I appreciate makes it easier to study. You can read the entire text of the Didache online here. To find out more about the Didache, check out the information on Wikipedia.

If you would like to download a copy for yourself, I have made a PDF available as well.

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