To Whom Shall We Go?

Better late than never… Here are my notes from the “To Whom Shall We Go?” seminar last month. I hope they come in handy for someone. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about trying to decipher them.

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1 thought on “To Whom Shall We Go?”

  1. Hey Derek,Your prob. gonna think i’m a real bonehead for asikng this, but I’m confused about your position. 1)Do you ware tzit-tzit,talit,or observe sabbath? I’ve scanned through your blogs but i can’t tell. Also do you think gentiles should enjoy all the blessings of torah? Or are you preposing they remain gentiles and mearly observe a select of the commands? Which ones? (mt5:17-20 comp. jn15:10) Do you realize the rabbinical implications of brought near ?(eph2:13) 2)How can you see procelyte conversion as a way to preserve jewish identity? If a prohibited marrige takes place there simply are consequences (neither good or bad in the eyes of Yeshua, as far as salvation is concerned) But procelyte conversion is not gonna make it all better’. I conject that the first advent took place at a very key moment in history, as that, it was around His appearing that procelyte conversion was in its pre-adolecence if you will(as far as systimatic 4 step conversion method). I would conclude that the sages looked at the sciptures and saw the gospel message’ but didnt know how to impliment it. Possibly being with out faith themselves. This may have been what provoked’ the holy One to send His own son’ to the vineyard.

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