Choshen for the Kids


Fitting in with these week’s Parashah, I designed this simple coloring sheet for my children of the Choshen (Breastplate of the Kohen). I thought I would post it in case anyone else was looking for something like it. Feel free to use for whatever purpose. Print as many copies as you like and be sure to pass it around.

Right-click (pc) or Control-click (mac!) to download:

UPDATE March 6, 2011: Thanks to Jennifer for pointing out that the order of the tribes was incorrect. I have updated the PDF according to the correct tribal ordering.

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3 thoughts on “Choshen for the Kids”

  1. Thought I’d point out that the tribes are not in the correct order. I reordered them before printing it out for my kids to colour!

    Darren Reply:

    Thanks, Jennifer. I’ll revisit that and make any corrections needed. I appreciate your letting me know!

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